In the patterns of the constantly shifting sky- one moment bright, warm and inviting, the next dark, dangerous and unpredictable we feel a sense of awe at its vastness and the small fragment we occupy in the universe.

Music too has this sense of wonder and in its own way echoes the different faces of the sky. Its tones of light and dark draw us in, it moves us , inspires us and lights up our hopes and dreams as it drifts slowly by.

Nobody knows where the winds of change will lead us. We can only follow with open hearts and minds as we gaze skyward.


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The Band

Kandy Kolored Tangerine was formed in Copenhagen in 2006. The band is named after American writer Tom Wolfe's 1965 article 'The Kandy Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby'.
Since their inception many things have changed for the self-proclaimed SKYGAZE four-piece. Originally influenced by English shoegaze, the band started to break up the atmospheric genre with more pronounced desperation, drawing inspiration from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Queens Of The Stone Age's desert rock and My Bloody Valentine mixed with elements of American psych.
With this musical foundation, the band released their debut ’The Perfect Swell’ in 2009, produced and mixed with longtime friend Frederik Thaae (A Kid Hereafter). The album sent some unmistakable signals that something new and different was emerging from the underground. Danish magazines Gaffa and Soundvenue both highly praised the album, calling it an outstanding debut and nominating it for one of the best albums of the year in 2009. Both magazines also agreed that a lot was to be expected from this talented band, encouraging them to refine their style in the genre and take it even further. Later, this feedback would become the ’blueprint’ and goal for creating their 2nd album.
Building on the attention and praise received for their debut album, in early 2010 the band entered the prestigious ’Karrierekanonen’ (Career Canon) talent competition hosted by Danish National Radio P3, finishing as runner-ups for the title. Following that, the band spent spring and summer of 2010 touring heavily in their native Denmark. This tour sent them to both Roskilde Festival, Spot Festival (Aarhus, May 2010) and Start Festival (Copenhagen, June 2010) – shows which were all praised by critics all over the world, among those David Fricke (Rolling Stone Magazine) who stated that ”Kandy Kolored Tangerine possess a psychedelic sound which I really like” and Kieron Tyler (Mojo Magazine) called the band ”marvelous shoegazers” in his article ’Our friends in the North’ about the SPOT festival in 2010.

2010 also saw two of the band's singles playing on Danish national radio. First came ’Babylove’ with a good spring rotation, soon followed by hit single ’Ready to Go’ which received very good airplay making an unmistakeable statement about the band's huge potential on an international level.
By Fall 2010 the band finished a long list of concerts and headed back to the rehearsal studio bursting with new ideas, new inspiration and a desire to add new aspects to their musical universe. They spent the next 6 months writing, rehearsing and recording sketches. All of this would not only constitute material for their second album, but more importantly, it would lead the band to a totally new sound and feel.
The first single from the album, 'You Are, Boy', was released digitally in May 2011 and immediately

received airplay on Danish National Radio P3. A whirling, sighing, multi-layered pop song that showcased the band’s sonic transformation from Shoegaze to Skygaze! It clearly opened up for a much bigger and brighter musical universe and is a signature example of what to expect from the forthcoming album. In the new songs the main psychedelic atmosphere is still preserved, while it is blended with a far more melodic side, which clearly shows the bands versatility.

With the success in their homeland of Denmark, and the high expectations for something big to rise from the ”Kandy cave”, things did not go unnoticed internationally either.
While the band is finishing recording, producer Kristian Thomsen (The Storm, Black City) is mixing the remaining tracks to complete the album. Simultaniously the band is taking first steps towards an international breakthrough, focusing both on the European and US-markets.
In September 2011 the first agreements have been made in Benelux, where the Full Spectrum Bookings agency is eagerly adding Kandy Kolored Tangerine to their long roster of international artists.

Entering 2012 the track ‘Time Machine’ was presented to the danish radio stations and received good airplay on both P3, P4 and P6. 1st May 2012 the new single ‘Blue Sky, Can You Hear Me?’ was released in Denmark and being supported by an evocative and aesthetic video made by Director Mette Carla T. Albrechtsen. Simultaniously P6 adds the track ’This Odd Fight’ to their playlists, bringing the total single count from the SKYGAZE album to 5 radio singles.

‘SKYGAZE’  was released in Denmark 16th April 2012 on Unity Sound / EMI Music Distributions, Denmark. And the success in their homeland of Denmark, did not pass unnoticed internationally either. During summer 2012 the band signs a contract with Dutch indie-label Suburban Records in a joint venture with promotion agency Aces High and Full Spectrum Bookings in Holland.
This collaboration would secure the release of ’Skygaze’ in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg and adds new adventures and possibilities to the timeline of Kandy Kolored Tangerine.

In November 2012 Skygaze was released in Benelux and received very good reviews from Dutch and Belgian music media. The album was also added to Dutch media platform ’3voor12’s listening post, which instantly gave the band a lot of attention. In December 2012 the band will perform 3 concerts on a Dutch minitour, to showcase the band towards venues and festivals in Benelux.
The band will go on a longer Benelux tour during spring/summer 2013.

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